Peru, located on the South American west coast has a lot to offer for the modern tourist.The country can be divided in three zones.

The desert which stretches all the way along the coast where we find the capital Lima with it's colonial churches and buildings, Nazca where the mysterious Nazca lines are situated and just of the coast are the Ballestas Islands with an abundance of seals and bird life.

Cuzco the old capital of the Incas located in the mountains is still the heart of the Quecha culture. Here are lots of Inca ruins, colonial buildings and typical streets with original Inca walls. From here visitors take the train to Machu Picchu the lost city of the Incas. But Cuzco is not the only attraction in this area. Here we can also find Arequipa a beautiful colonial town and further up in the highlands at the edge of lake Titicaca is Puno. From here one can visit several islands on the lake or continue travelling to Copacabana and La Paz both in Bolivia.

The third area is the jungle. If you would like to get a good impression of what life in the Amazon is like you have to fly to Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado. From here one takes a boat to the various lodges located in the jungle.

Destinos Turisticos is a travel agency located in Cuzco who would be very happy to organize your travel arrangements when you decide to visit Peru. In this introduction we hope to make it clear that there is a lot to choose from. Classical tours, adventure, walking the famous Inca trail, going deep into the Amazon it is all there.

We also created several tours covering different parts of Peru. Have a look at the tour itineraries. They might be exactly what you are looking for but they are flexible so we can adjust them to your needs or you can make your own itinerary. If you fill in the form we will give you an answer within 48 hours.




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